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1. Vision

The Dieppe Market offers farmers, growers and/or entrepreneurs from South-eastern New Brunswick the priority to provide consumers with the

freshest products possible, either locally grown, raised, processed, crafted, etc. The main objectives of the Market are:

1.1 To provide the population of South-Eastern N.B. with fresh, healthy and tasteful agricultural products grown, raised and processed in South-Eastern New Brunswick and to promote such products;

1.2 To create a pleasant festive social environment;

1.3 To give to the South-Eastern N.B. agriculture producers, entrepreneurs and craftspeople the opportunity to get maximum price for their merchandise by dealing directly with the consumer;

1.4 To create a communicational and educational link between the urban and rural populations of South-Eastern N.B.

A direct contact between local producers and artisans and their clients fosters relationships anchored in respect and trust. Clients also benefit from greater quality products at a reasonable price. One of the Dieppe Market’s objectives is to create a positive and friendly social environment as to encourage clients to return on a weekly basis.  

2. The Really Local Harvest Cooperative LTD

The Really Local Harvest Cooperative LTD. (herein referred to as "RLHC"), a non-profit cooperative, is the manager of the Dieppe Market building located at Gauvin Road / Acadie Avenue intersection, in the City of Dieppe, and the organizer of the Dieppe Market held at least every Saturday (herein referred to as "Market Day") inside and on the grounds near this building. The mailing address of the RLHC and the Dieppe Market is: 232, Gauvin Road, Dieppe, (N.B), E1A 1M1, email: info@recoltedecheznous.com.

3. The Dieppe Market operates under the following administrative structure

3.1 The Board of the RLHC hires an Executive Director who is responsible for operating the building. The Executive Director’s responsibilities are to maximize returns on the building, participate in Board meetings, hire and manage personnel and any other responsibilities that the Board deems appropriate.

3.2 The Executive Director hires a Market manager approved by the Board of Directors whose responsibilities are as follows: work under the direction of the Executive Director, manage all billing with regards to the Market, assign Market booths, advise of observed violations, act as the Board's Market representative on Market days, respond to any questions regarding the Market and any other responsibilities as per agreement with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

3.3 The Dieppe Market Committee is appointed by the RLHC Board of Directors.  This is a permanent and consultative committee whose purpose is to make recommendations on the management of the market and personnel. Its mandate is to periodically review Dieppe Market policies, to propose new policies as needed and to make recommendations on issues delegated by the Executive Director and the RLHC Board of Directors.

The committee is composed of 5 members: 2 RLHC member, 1 representative from the City of Dieppe, 1 representative from the vendors, 1 representative of the consumers. The Executive Director of the RLHC acts as the committee’s secretary.

4. Definitions

4.1 Annual Vendor: sell at the market on every market day of the year except for approved absences (See section on selection criteria)

4.2 Seasonal vendor: sells seasonal products at the market at least 12 but less than 52 market days.  

4.3 Casual Vendor: sells at the market on an occasional basis. The location of a casual vendor’s rental space may change and his right to sell at the market is not guaranteed.

4.4 Special Events: these Vendors may sell during events held either outdoors or in the Market building on days other than Market Days, but only by permission from the RLHC in appropriate areas.

5. Who is allowed to sell at the Dieppe Market?

5.1 Only the RLHC can give permission to a merchant to sell products at the Dieppe Market. To apply for a permit, one must adequately fill out the form issued by the RLHC, pay the $30 nonrefundable administration fee and submit it to the Market Manager who processes the request in accordance with the selection process. If the merchant is accepted, he will be billed in accordance to the established fee structure (see «Fees» section).

5.2 The RLHC has the authority to temporarily or permanently revoke the right of a vendor to sell at the Dieppe Market.  

5.3 Vendors are only authorized to sell products approved by the RLHC. Vendors must respect the decisions of the RLHC with regards to approved products, non-approved products and those pending approval. In event of non-compliance, vendors may be asked to withdraw their products from their booths on Market days.

5.4 Vendors wishing to make changes to their product mix or installations must apply to the RLHC for approval by filling out the necessary form and sending it to the Market manager.

6. Allocation of spaces

6.1 The RLHC reserves the right to assign a Vendor to any specific location, if in the opinion of the RLHC such placement enhances the appearance, traffic flow or efficient operation of the Market. 

7. Selection criteria

7.1 Valid applications for a Market booth will be ranked according to the following criteria: 

A. Date application received;

B. Whether or not products are grown, raised, processed, crafted, etc. in South-Eastern New Brunswick;

C. Whether or not products offered are likely to enhance existing product mix at the Market;

D. Number of vendors selling similar products or actual consumers' demand for the products that are intended to be sold by the applicant.

7.2 No Vendor shall sublease, sell or share his/her space or allow any other Vendor to use his/her Market booth. 

7.3 If an Annual Vendor misses four Market days during a year (without substantive reason*), the RLHC can revoke the right of a vendor to sell at the market. In these cases, vacated space will be attributed to another potential vendor.

* A substantive reason shall be death, illness (doctor's orders) or other major impediment the RLHC judges appropriate. 

7.4 If a Casual or seasonal vendor is not present at his/her booth without substantive reason for two days in the year, the permit and/or privileges may be revoked by the Market manager. 

8. Rates

8.1 It is the responsibility of the Vendor to maintain good accounts with the Market manager. Late payments are not tolerated. Lack of payment may lead to the revocation of the Vendor's permission to sell at the Dieppe Market and the privileges tied to it.

8.2 All vendors must, at the beginning of each year beginning January 1st, renew their contract and pay the annual administrative fees of $30 + HST. The RLHC reserves the right to decide whether the permission to sell at the Market will be renewed. 

8.3 Any new applicant, including casual Vendors, must fill out the application form and pay the $30 + HST non-refundable administration fee.  The annual $30 fee is valid for one year, starting January 1st, date which marks the beginning of the Market's administrative year.

8.4 Regardless of the type of booth rented at the Market, be it an indoor or outdoor stall, a minimum payment of $33.46 including tax for each Market day is required. The basic weekly rental fee is 58 cents per sq. ft. Vendors of prepared food are charged the basic fee of 77 cents per sq. ft.  To these basic fees are added, on a case-by-case basis, water and electricity fees. Special arrangements are planned for vendors who use bigger electrical appliances or who have special logistical needs. Specific electrical needs will be accommodated following an evaluation of costs and electricity consumption for each booth. Electricity fees will be charged to the vendor.

8.5 Commercial businesses that want to advertise their products or services at the Dieppe Market can do so at the rate of $150 a week for a 8’ X 6’ space. These types of businesses can advertise at the market for a maximum 4 times a year. A $100 a week rate will be applied if the commercial business is at the market 4 times a year (the amount will be adjusted on the final invoice).

8.6 Annual vendors must pay for their contracted rental period with post-dated cheques, either on a monthly or biannual basis. Cheques must be issued to Really Local Harvest Coop or Dieppe Market. All vendors must pay by cheque. 

8.7 Non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheques will be charged back to the Vendor's account and a $25 handling fee will apply. 

8.8 Rental fees may be changed at any time, and after a period of notice extending over four (4) successive Market Days, notwithstanding that a vendor may have paid in advance for a reserved stall for a period extending beyond that period of time in which case the fee payable by the vendor shall be adjusted accordingly and any refund or increase will be payable immediately. 

8.9 In the case of a withdrawal from the Market, vendors must advise market management at least two weeks beforehand. The Market will bill the vendor for these two weeks and all remaining post-dated cheques will be returned to him/her.

8.10 Annual and seasonal vendors will be billed for weeks that they are absent.  Casual vendors will not be billed when they are absent but their right to sell at the Market is not guaranteed and their space may change from one place to another.

9. Days and Hours of Operation

9.1 The Market will be open each Saturday of the year unless otherwise determined by the RLHC Board of Directors. 

9.2 The Market is open to the public between 7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Market Days. Vendors can access the building one and a half hours prior to opening. Vendors must vacate the premises within one (1) hour of closing, leaving their installations in a clean, neat and orderly fashion. 

9.3 Vendors wishing to set up their booths on Fridays are advised that Market offices are open from  1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The RLHC reserves the right to modify this provision in cases where special events are being held either outside or inside the Market building. 

9.4 All Vendors must advise the Market manager at least 24 hours in advance when substantive reasons do not allow him/her to attend Market days.

9.5 Under normal conditions, Vendors who are not at their booths by 7 a.m. will be considered absent for non-substantive reasons. Being late is considered an unexplained absence. In case of accident or other impediment, Vendors must advise the Market Manager as quickly as possible. 

9.6 All stallholders shall remain at their stall until closing time at 1:30 p.m.

10. Signage

 and labeling

10.1 All booths must be identified with bilingual signs that are appropriate, neat and legible signage as to the name of the business and its location. 

A Vendor can obtain the necessary authorization for signage by submitting a schematic draft copy to the Market manager. 

10.2 Signage will be limited to the individual booth area and must not extend into any traffic aisles or pathways so as to impede the efficient flow of customer traffic. 

10.3 When a Vendor no longer operates a booth in the Market, he/she is responsible for withdrawing the booth and all signage unless a special authorization in this regard is obtained from the Market manager.

10.4 The Market manager has the right to ask Vendors to place their signage in another manner.

10.5 All products must be clearly priced during Market Hours. Prices should be posted in full view and be legible to the consuming public.

10.6 Vendors are encouraged to provide attractive and safe kiosk displays, racks, tables, and an adequate supply of bags, change, etc. for their customers. Vendors offering products for sale by weight are required to provide scales in accordance with the Weights and Measures Act. 

10.7 Any written or spoken information on products, fabrication processes, etc., conveyed by Vendors or their staff shall be true at all time.

10.8 Vendors must identify the origin of their products: where they have been grown, raised, baked, processed, crafted, etc. (if possible with local inputs or ingredients). Products originating from South-Eastern N.B. can have the word "Local" placed in appropriate places (e.g. price tags, price lists, personalized stickers or display sections).

10.9 False declarations pertaining to the origin or the production process for products sold on site will be taken seriously.  Vendors who make false declarations of this nature can be expelled from the Dieppe Market.

11. Organic producers

11.1 If a producer vendor advertises his operation as being organic, a recognized organic certification body must certify all of the products sold at his stall.  The vendor must show proof of certification to the market manager.

11.2 Individual products that are sold at the Market and are advertised as organic must also be certified by a recognized organic certification body.

Recognized organic certification bodies include: Atlantic Certified Organic (ACO) Co-operative, Ecocert, Pro Cert Organics Inc., SAI Global Certification Service, Organic Crop Improvement Association.

12. Regulations for Food Vendors

12.1 All vendors selling food products must follow the latest governmental Health Department regulations at all times. 

12.2 In order to make the market a safe, reliable place to shop and also increase the reputation of the market, Vendors selling food products are required to attend the "Food Handling" course offered by the N.B. Department of Health and Wellness, and submit a copy of their participation to the RLHC at the latest, 6 months after their initial Market Day. 

12.3 Vendors that sell products requiring a license or permit for preparation or for sales permit must post these in a visible area on their market stall  and present a copy of it to the Market Manager.

12.4 All meat products sold on site must be slaughtered and processed at facilities that are certified.

12.5 All milk products sold on site must meet federal and provincial regulations.

12.6 Unless clearly stated (e.g. "dog food"), a Vendor shall not display or sell in the Market any goods that are unfit for human consumption or unsafe for use. The RLHC may prohibit any Vendor from displaying or selling goods which in its opinion are unfit or not safe, or not in keeping with the vision of the Market; and may order any such goods immediately removed from the Market. 

12.7 Food that is exposed for display only is permitted if properly wrapped, and must not be sold or offered for sale. Free samples may be offered to customers in accordance with Health Department regulations.

12.8 Vendors selling prepared food are encouraged to register with the Department of Health and Wellness.

13. Grievances and Conflicts Resolution

13.1 In cases of conflict, vendors must bring the matter to the attention of the Market manager who will strive to settle the matter, to the satisfaction of all concerned. Complaints must be made in writing. In cases where no solution  is found, complaints may be placed in writing and sent to the Executive Director who will decide whether the matter must be brought to the attention of the RLHC Board of Directors. Following a recommendation from the RLHC Board, the Director will be responsible for informing the Vendors of the decision taken by RLHC. 

13.2 If a Vendor believes that Market personnel have erred in the resolution of a conflict, he /she may write a letter to the President of RLHC. Within a reasonable time, the RLHC will acknowledge receipt of the letter, study the question and communicate its decision. 

Vendors involved in a grievance procedure agree that the decision of the RLHC Board is final. 

14. Respectful Workplace

14.1 The Market promotes a cooperative attitude; the RLHC does not tolerate physical or verbal abuse or any other type of intimidation. All Vendors are asked to promote the Dieppe Market and to maintain good will amongst Vendors, the public, the City of Dieppe representatives and employees, and the RLHC, its Directors and employees. 

14.2 Personal appearance and hygiene are to be maintained at a high standard, and physical attire will be clean and socially appropriate.

14.3 Products, cooking or activities producing offensive unwanted odors must be vented to the outside. 

14.4 To maintain a professional image of the Market and the Vendors, loitering should be avoided in the front or in the back of the vending counters. Only Vendors shall be behind counters. 

14.5 Vendors must park their vehicles in the designated parking identified by the market manager so as to keep the outside lot clear for the outdoor vendors and customers. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action: first offense will be a $50 penalty on stall fee; second offence will be a $100 penalty on stall fee; 3rd offence will result in the towing of the vendor’s vehicle.

14.6 Vendors receiving complaints or observing Vendors breaking the rules shall notify Market Management. They should not attempt to rectify the situation themselves with the offenders (see the "Grievances and Conflicts Resolution" section).

15. Right to Revoke

15.1 A Vendor that fails to abide by these rules is subject to expulsion. All fees paid in advance, excluding the two-week advisory period, will be reimbursed.

15.2 The Executive Director and the Market manager can temporarily revoke a permit pending the decision of the RLHC who may revoke a permit indefinitely. 

15.3 Vendors wishing to return to the Market following an expulsion must apply and be approved as a new Vendor.

16. General conditions

16.1 The Dieppe Market, the Really Local Harvest Coop and its employees are in no way responsible for any Vendor's product liability. 

For their own protection, all Vendors should carry sufficient liability insurance. 

16.2 The Really Local Harvest Coop and its employees accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to the goods of a customer or other person left in the custody of a Vendor and Vendors are encouraged to likewise advise such persons that they do not accept any responsibility for such goods. 

16.3 The RLHC is not responsible for damages inflicted to displays and kiosks during their transportation.

16.4 Vendors who have dangerous or potentially dangerous equipment at their booth shall comply with government regulations, and ensure that at all times such equipment is situated, maintained, and operated so as not to endanger patrons. They will comply with any directions given by the Market manager to place, maintain, and operate such equipment in a safe manner or to remove it. All stallholders who have flammable items at their kiosk are required to have on hand in their stall at all times an appropriate fire extinguisher. 

16.5 Vendors are individually responsible for collecting and remitting all relevant sales taxes. 

16.6 The RLHC encourages Market Vendors and members of their immediate family or employees to showcase and sell their products in a manner that reflects the appearance of a direct marketplace. 

16.7 Vendors and their staff are responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy environment free of debris within their allotted space. Products should be displayed in an attractive manner. 

16.8 No animals or pets are permitted in the Market, other than guide dogs for the blind, or helper animals for those otherwise disabled. 

16.9 The Market is not responsible for providing any service, appliance, counter, installations, etc. 

16.10 The sale of any used goods or 'flea market' products is discouraged.

16.11 Unauthorized solicitations are not tolerated inside or outside the Market, including the parking lots and Market access points.

Exceptions to the above rules can be made on compassionate or common sense grounds by the RLHC. 

(N.B. The original version of Rules and Regulations in French has precedence over the English version.)