It is the responsibility of the Vendor to maintain good accounts with the Market manager. Late payments are not tolerated. Lack of payment may lead to the revocation of the Vendor's permission to sell at the Dieppe Market and the privileges tied to it.

All vendors must, at the beginning of each year beginning January 1st, renew their contract and pay the annual administrative fees of $30 + HST. The RLHC reserves the right to decide whether the permission to sell at the Market will be renewed. 

Any new applicant, including casual Vendors, must fill out the application form and pay the $30 + HST non-refundable administration fee.  The annual $30 fee is valid for one year, starting January 1st, date which marks the beginning of the Market's administrative year.

Regardless of the type of booth rented at the Market, be it an indoor or outdoor stall, a minimum payment of $33.46 including tax for each Market day is required. The basic weekly rental fee is 58 cents per sq. ft. Vendors of prepared food are charged the basic fee of 77 cents per sq. ft.  To these basic fees are added, on a case-by-case basis, water and electricity fees. Special arrangements are planned for vendors who use bigger electrical appliances or who have special logistical needs. Specific electrical needs will be accommodated following an evaluation of costs and electricity consumption for each booth. Electricity fees will be charged to the vendor.

Commercial businesses that want to advertise their products or services at the Dieppe Market can do so at the rate of $150 a week for a 8’ X 6’ space. These types of businesses can advertise at the market for a maximum 4 times a year. A $100 a week rate will be applied if the commercial business is at the market 4 times a year (the amount will be adjusted on the final invoice).

Annual vendors must pay for their contracted rental period with post-dated cheques, either on a monthly or biannual basis. Cheques must be issued to Really Local Harvest Coop or Dieppe Market. All vendors must pay by cheque. 

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheques will be charged back to the Vendor's account and a $25 handling fee will apply. 

Rental fees may be changed at any time, and after a period of notice extending over four (4) successive Market Days, notwithstanding that a vendor may have paid in advance for a reserved stall for a period extending beyond that period of time in which case the fee payable by the vendor shall be adjusted accordingly and any refund or increase will be payable immediately. 

In the case of a withdrawal from the Market, vendors must advise market management at least two weeks beforehand. The Market will bill the vendor for these two weeks and all remaining post-dated cheques will be returned to him/her.

Annual and seasonal vendors will be billed for weeks that they are absent.  Casual vendors will not be billed when they are absent but their right to sell at the Market is not guaranteed and their space may change from one place to another.


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